All About Industrial Shredders

Shredders play an indispensable role in many applications including manufacturing, recycling, solid waste reduction, security, wastewater treatment, oil and gas production, the transportation and production of biosolids, and more. Shredding offers a multitude of benefits in addition to the most obvious – size reduction. Shredders are used for processing materials used for producing a product or fuel, protecting business intelligence by destroying confidential product or documents, recycling of product or waste and shredding solids to ensure that other equipment or processes run smoothly. Corporations, government agencies and municipalities all employ shredders.

Below is a great video of an industrial shredder.



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A 3-way Universal Surface Mount Diaphragm

3-way-diaphragmThe SV75SM series valves utilize a PTFE diaphragm to seal on a PTFE seat. As a result these valves are capable of handling a wide variety of corrosive or high purity media by isolating all metallic components from the media. Additionally, this series is designed to be surface mounted to the user’s manifold block yielding an integral flow control design that eliminates the need for piping or tubing. This compact series is direct acting which yields positive shifting and reliable operation. Optional materials including PEEK & Kel-F are available as body material. Consult factory for availability.




The SV75SM series diaphragm isolation valves are suitable for a broad range of applications, including:
•   Ink jet printers
•  Chromatography
•  Clinical or chemical analyzer
•  Chemical mixing/dispensing
•  Laboratory equipment


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