About Us

Do what you love – We’ll take care of the rest.

We often tell people that we make the “business” part of owning a business a little easier. Actually, we make it a lot easier. Montclair Consulting is an outsourced team of experts that feels like an insourced team. We’re invested in more than one specific area of your business, and our goal is to help you become more successful by offering the skills, integration, and human relationships you value.

Unlike other industry players, Montclair Consulting’s offerings are integrated and multidisciplinary. We won’t sell you services you don’t need just because it’s part of your package, or skimp on a service because it isn’t. For every unique business, we develop unique solutions, instead of just checking items off a list. It all starts by building an authentic relationship from the very beginning.

This means that we enthusiastically assist you and other enterprises with more efficient sustainability communications, Corporate Responsibility (CR) and strategies for trust building positioning. And our CR focus is applied across all our services, including high quality events and smart meeting approaches.

.We’re committed to helping organizations like yours triumph in competitive business environments. We provide a range of educational articles and content to help businesses like yours move closer to your goals. Leverage our expertise and years of experience to better manage your business. Enjoy our articles!